What is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles

What is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles?

When considering arranging a trip to Seychelles, a few factors must be kept in mind. One is the ease of access to some of the nation’s most prominent attractions during your visit. Secondly, the crowds you’ll meet there. Will it be bustling with tourists or not? And three, the relative cost of the vacation during your intended time of visit. In this blog, we answer the question, “what is the best time to visit Seychelles?” and provide a general overview of timings and seasons in the tropical paradise.

What is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles?

It is a generally agreed-upon consensus that there are two main times to visit Seychelles, and they are both times when the hard trade winds are blowing the least. They are between April and May and between October and November. 

Avoiding heavy trade winds is especially important for those who want to sample the outspoken Seychellian beaches that many celebrities have raved about. This is because during heavy trade wind season, seaweed and other debris are blown all across beach shores, making it very undesirable to visit the beaches during that time.

Is that all?

Of course not. From April to May, visitors can expect plenty of sunshine as this is usually the warmest time of the year in Seychelles. Furthermore, and unlike in other seasons, the rains during these months are controlled and well-timed (usually during the peak of heat hours during the noon). Ultimately this means that visitors won’t be stranded in places or be forced to change their plans due to heavy rain.

Furthermore, visiting Seychelles between April and May and between October and November means you are avoiding the heavy traffic tourist season, which not only means you won’t have to worry about finding bookings and waiting in queues, but ultimately the average cost of practically everything will be lower during these times.

Are there Mosquitoes in Seychelles?

It is recommended that you bring mosquito repellent with you to Seychelles as there are occurrences of mosquitoes. Visitors need not worry, however, since malaria is non-existent in Seychelles, and sleeping nets are everywhere. 

How is the Weather in Seychelles in December

The weather during December in Seychelles is extremely windy and rainy. Temperatures usually stay around 30 degrees Celsius, and most parts of the country get about 12 hours of sunlight. 

Although December is usually known for travel and tourism, there are better holiday candidates than Seychelles for this time of the year.

But if you insist on visiting at this time of the year, here’s what you should do.

Where to Stay in Seychelles in December?

Praslin is an excellent place to stay in when visiting Seychelles in December. This is because the island’s beaches are clear of seaweeds (at least the south and southwestern parts), with the added bonus that this city’s biodiversity is enhanced during this season.

When is the Rainy Season in Seychelles?

Although it rains almost constantly throughout the year in Seychelles, December to February are the wettest months of the year and are generally an unorthodox time to visit the tourist paradise.

In Summary: When is the best time to visit Seychelles?

The ideal time to visit Seychelles is between April and May. The second best time to visit the country is between October and November. This is to avoid the strong trade winds that start in November and cause some chaos in Seychelles.

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