International Tourism Communications Network (ITCN)

The ITCN was established in 2010 to offer clients unrivalled travel specialist expertise, not just in one country or continent but on an international level. Through a unique alliance of some of the world’s foremost travel specialist PR, marketing and representation agencies we can deliver the integrated, cross boarder campaigns clients need to thrive in the global travel and tourism sectors.

Unlike most international agencies, ITCN isn’t united by a company name or brand but by the specialist focus, expertise and experience in all areas of travel and tourism marketing (representation, PR, Digital & Communication).

Our reach – The ITCN global network:

ITCN Australia:

ITCN United Kingdom:

ITCN Spain:

ITCN Scandinavia:

ITCN South Africa:

ITCN Italy:

ITCN India:

ITCN Germany:

ITCN France:

ITCN Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Oman:

ITCN China & Hong Kong:

Benefits of the ITCN:

  • Travel specialism on a global scale
  • International brand building
  • International communication strategies
  • Integrated international campaigns
  • Consistency of key marketing messages
  • Economies of scale

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