Hotel Representation

Hotel Represesentation

What is Hotel Representation?

Hotel Representation is an extension to any hotel’s sales team and is a critical part of the marketing mix. Regardless of whether you’re a boutique single location brand or a multinational global brand, delivering your location to prospective customers in the language and tone they are accustomed to is a major part of Hotel Representation. A Hotel Representation company will essentially act as your sales and marketing channel in a given region. They’ll work closely with you to identify potential target demographics, craft messages, create campaigns and generate content. They’ll also use their network within the region to promote your brand and brand benefits to travel agents, online travel portals and online travel agents. Simply put, they’ll represent your interests in the region.

Why Is Hotel Representation Important?

As a hotelier, it is cost-prohibitive to have sales and marketing teams around the globe. Each team would need to know the nuances of their respective region, build up thousands of contacts and then begin the process of promotion. If you’re a single property, or only have 2-3 properties, this isn’t feasible. However, even if you have 100 properties it is often more effective to hire a local representation company to promote on your behalf. Essentially the primary objective is to generate bookings in the most cost-efficient way possible.

How Can Gulf Reps Help?

Gulf Reps has over 60 years of industry and regional experience. We’ve worked with some of the largest hotel brands, and single property boutique hotels around the world. With each engagement we have been able to deliver transformative results from the region, bringing new individuals, families and even corporate customers to our hotel clients. We’ll work closely with you to identify and then target the correct customer type, and build plans to promote our properties to them.

Tools We Use for Hotel Representation

Event Management

Account Manager with Business Development and PR support

Direct involvement of the Managing Partners in strategic planning

Business Development (including Travel Agency Sales calls)

Partnership and Key Relationship Development (B2B)

Digital Marketing – E-newsletters, Social Media sites, Online Campaigns

Budget Planning and Management

Financial Planning and Management