what to visit in crete

What to Visit in Crete: Top 5 Beach Escapes

When it comes to beaches in Greece, Crete is the undefeated contender. From stunning white-sand beaches to picturesque green hillsides and ancient ruins, there’s plenty to explore and experience in this dazzling Mediterranean destination. In this blog we take a look at five of the must-see Greek beaches that must make it to your “what […]

Places to visit in Bali

Top 5 Offbeat Places To Visit in Bali

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, it’s time to head to Bali! From vibrant waterfalls and picturesque temples to breathtaking beaches and lush forests, this island paradise has something for everyone. Here are five must-see places to visit in Bali. Seminyak – Venture off the beaten path to discover local gems A must-see on […]

What To Do in Seychelles

What To Do in Seychelles – Top 3

Famous for its pristine white beaches, visitors will be doing themselves an injustice if they spend their entire time sampling the archipelago’s many beaches. From protected forests, unique geological formations, world-class snorkelling & scuba diving, heavenly hiking trails, some mouth-watering local cuisine, and much more, there is an endless list of reasons you should visit […]

What is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles

What is the Best Time to Visit Seychelles?

When considering arranging a trip to Seychelles, a few factors must be kept in mind. One is the ease of access to some of the nation’s most prominent attractions during your visit. Secondly, the crowds you’ll meet there. Will it be bustling with tourists or not? And three, the relative cost of the vacation during […]

Reunion Island What to Do

Reunion Island What to Do – Top 4

Reunion Island is a tropical island southeast of the African continent. With diverse races comprising the local people, many attractive geological and historical sites, and a moderate climate throughout the year, it is never a wrong decision to visit Reunion Island. Here are Reunion Island What to Do: Top 4 Attractions: Reunion Island: What to […]