Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing

What is Destination Marketing?

Destination marketing is all about attracting visitors to your market, or destination. Be that a country, city, region or even village, destination marketing is about taking control of the perception of your location and making it a ‘must see’ place.

Is it Important?

Like it or not, your destination has a general perception. It doesn’t matter if you’re Las Vegas or Udder Pradesh, if a potential traveller has ever heard of your destination they have created associations with it. At times, those associations can be invalid, outdated or just plain wrong. Taking control of the overall perception of your destination is the first step to successful destination marketing.

Delivering WorldClass Destination Marketing

Worldclass destination marketing all starts with questions. What do you want to be known for? What are your greatest assets for potential travellers? What can visitors expect when they arrive? With this foundation in place, it’s critical to understand who your target market is. It’s easy enough to say “we’d like the wealthiest 1% of families to visit us” but does your destination cater for this demographic? If not can it be in the future or is better to select a demographic that will likely already have an affinity to your destination. By creating this foundation of understanding with you, we will then select the appropriate channels based on your prospective travellers buying cycle. We’ll create messages, content, and campaigns to ensure that your destination is front of mind for your ideal visitor.

What you can expect from Gulf Reps Destination Marketing Services

Unlike many companies, Gulf Reps doesn’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your destination is unique, if it wasn’t then it would be worth visiting. Our job is to work closely with your team to help create a strategy that will not only attract your target visitor but also create experiences that are unforgettable and imminently shareable. As the leading travel representation company in the middle east, our team will work with our vast network of partners to promote your messages, arrange familiarization trips, negotiate with influencers and create brand partnerships, all in service of making your destination THE destination in the minds of prospective travellers.

Tools We Use For Destination Marketing

Go to market strategy development and implementation

Event Management

Account Manager with Business Development and PR support

Business Development (including Travel Agency Sales calls)

Partnership and Key Relationship Development (B2B)

Attending key industry events

Digital Marketing – E-newsletters, Social Media sites, Online Campaigns

Budget Planning and Management

why us?

  • Over 50 years of experience and knowledge in the region and travel industry in the team
  • Respected management with two owners previously voted into the “Power 50” of the 50 most influential people in Middle East Travel
  • Unrivalled press and travel community contacts. Press database of over 500 journalists, travel agent database in excess of 3000 throughout the GCC
  • Small dedicated team – acting as an extension of your team
  • Located in Dubai, the heart of regional travel and lifestyle PR
  • Presence on the ground in Saudi Arabia
  • Existing and strong airline and travel trade relationships together with direct trade access through Leo’s role as General Manager of DTTAG (Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group) and Secretary General of GTTAC (Gulf Travel and Tour Agents Committee)
  • Founding member of ITCN a global alliance of travel and tourism specialist PR and representation companies.