what to visit in crete

What to Visit in Crete: Top 5 Beach Escapes

When it comes to beaches in Greece, Crete is the undefeated contender. From stunning white-sand beaches to picturesque green hillsides and ancient ruins, there’s plenty to explore and experience in this dazzling Mediterranean destination. In this blog we take a look at five of the must-see Greek beaches that must make it to your “what to visit in Crete” checklist.

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in Crete, boasting stunning white-sand and azure waters. It is perfect for swimming, sunbathing. And once you tire of that you can always explore the natural surroundings or head out to the small island just off the coast – which becomes accessible during low tide. With its lush pink-hued sands, swaying palm trees and cluster of soft dunes, Elafonisi is a scene straight out of paradise! It is for this reason this should be the first item on your “what to visit on crete” list.

Vai Beach 

Venture to Vai Beach and you’ll uncover pristine, untouched natural elements waiting to be explored.  Made up of a large expanse of soft white sand beach sheltered by massive palm trees, it’s the perfect spot for relaxation – or a little adventure! You can admire the colorful flora on display, explore the nearby mountain trails and take in the stunning views of clear blue waters as you go. Don’t forget to look out for turtles too – it’s renowned as one of the main turtle nesting grounds in Europe!

Preveli Beach 

If you’re looking for a beach on the tropical side of things, don’t miss a trip to Preveli Beach. Tucked away behind some imposing hills and blessed with enchanting palm trees reaching the shoreline, it’s one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. Enjoy a day relaxing under the shade of a palm tree on a hammock or take a dip in the Melolimni Lake; its crystal-clear waters act as the perfect antidote to the Greek sun!

Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa Island 

Another beautiful beach in the Lassithi region is Balos. Located next to the island of Gramvousa, it’s not exactly easy to get to but will be worth the effort! Take a boat from Kissamos and you’ll find yourself on an exclusive beach made up of two lagoons connected by a narrow strip and surrounded by pink sand. Once there, enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear waters or explore the nearby Venetian castle and its Byzantine church, built in the 15th century.

Agiofarago Beach

Last but not least, this great beach should make a great addition to your “what to visit in Crete list.” If you’re looking for serenity and head-turning rock formations, Agiofarago Beach is the perfect spot. This beach is one of Crete’s best-kept secrets and features a long stretch of soft white sand lined with towering castle-like limestone cliffs. Its location off the beaten path adds to its charm – it’s considered one of Crete’s most beautiful beaches! After a refreshing swim in its crystal clear waters, take some time to explore the bay and find remnants of old Venetian walls, next to wooden fishing boats lying against the rocks.

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