sydney opera house tour and tasting plate

Now Open: The Sydney Opera House Tour and Tasting Plate

If you’re visiting Australia and are gearing up for the crem de la creme of the trip, this blog about the most frequented attraction that is the Sydney Opera House Tour and Tasting Plate, will provide you with everything you need to know about the UNESCO World Heritage site.

What is the Sydney Opera House?

Home to popular music performances, orchestras, and choirs, this is Sydney’s most popular landmark and that is for a good reason. Standing at 600 ft tall, 380 ft wide, and about 82 ft below sea level, this opera house has seven venues and boasts a stunning exterior that has become all but Australia’s most-seen poster child. The Sydney Opera House is also home to the world’s largest pillar-free chamber and a stunning waterfront view of the nearby harbor. 

The site is located next to a ferry terminal making it easily accessible and takes all visitor’s breath away come nighttime.

Sidenote: The Sydney Opera House is not wheelchair accessible.

What is the Sydney Opera House Tour and Tasting Plate

The Sydney Opera House Tour and Tasting Plate is a one-hour tour in and around the famous Australian opera house. The tour is completed (or can be started) with two tasting boxes in a refreshing outdoor diner beside the waters. The food generally includes mini burgers, seafood, and salads and serves two people (but is enough for three, according to some people). It is also worth nothing that foods for special dietary needs are also available as the Opera Kitchen caters to as big an audience as possible.

Tour Time: 9 AM to 5 PM daily.

Tasting Plate Time: 11:30 AM to 6 PM.

Price: Around $83 per person

Attendants of the tour can expect an enchanting history of the opera house accompanied by and an array of interesting and lesser-known facts and stories about the historic landmark, all presented by courteous and highly praised tour guides.

Although the tour is only one hour, attendants should come prepared with comfortable walking shoes as the walk is long, according to some reviewers.

Attending as family? Then consider the Kids Tour!

Kids Tour of the Sydney Opera House

Packed with fun games and activities, this one-hour tour will make your little one a Sydney Opera House expert! Activities start from 10:45 AM during the school holiday days, and cost $21 per child and $29 for an adult.

A more comprehensive full-day program is available for more engaged young visitors. The “Junior Day Pack” which runs from 8:45 AM to 12:15 PM, lasts around 3 hours, and costs $62 per child and $84 for an adult. Live famous book performances with music, games and an intriguing tour is tailor-made for your little ones.

If you opt for this option then its important to note that this rendition of the tour will only be available from January of 2023.

Is it better to sit in the stalls or the circle at the Opera House?

Rows D to H are the best seats which are located in the stalls. The first two seats at the front are also highly sought after due to their unobstructed view of the stage. But in either case, attendants will have an excellent view of the stage. The balcony seats closest to the edge are the best option for those wanting budget seats but also a great view.

Is the Sydney Opera House tour worth it?

Definitely. People who aren’t into musical performances or cant afford the pricey performance tickets, will be blown away by the tour. With the tours resuimg this year on the 5th of November, new visitors will get to experience backstage and off access not seen by even attendants of the actual performances.

Is there a dress code for the Sydney Opera House?

There is no real dress code in the Sydney Opera House. Wear anything tidy and comfortable. Although some people do attend wearing formal attire, there is no rule that dictates such a dress code.

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