The 4 Types of Tourism: What is the Difference?

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s economy. The rise of this industry can be attributed to its versatility and potential for expansion within numerous markets. There are many different types of tourism. There are several branches of tourism but they all fall into one of 4 main types: leisure or vacation; convention or business; cultural or heritage; and medical or spa tourism. Let’s take a look at what each subcategory entails by exploring their similarities and differences.

The 4 Types of Tourism: Leisure or Vacation Tourism

Leisure or vacation tourism is often referred to as “mass tourism”. This type of tourism is characterized by the large number of travellers visiting one destination at the same time. Its main objective is to provide a break from everyday life and allow people to enjoy themselves. While vacationers often seek relaxation and a chance to unwind, they may also want to be active and engage in new or different experiences. Vacationers may go to a beach, visit historical sites, attend theme parks, trek through wilderness areas, or even travel to another country.

The 4 Types of Tourism: Convention or Business Tourism

Convention or business tourism is related to the hosting of large gatherings of people in a particular location. These gatherings are often referred to as conventions or conferences. Business tourism is often an important source of revenue for vacation destinations, such as resort towns and cities with large convention centres, or cities with a large number of businesses residing there. Differentiating between leisure travellers and business travellers is a critical element in any tourism or destination marketing campaign. The traveller type and their personas are vastly different. 

The 4 Types of Tourism: Cultural or Heritage Tourism

Cultural or heritage tourism is often referred to as “intelligent tourism”. This type of tourism is focused on gaining a deeper insight into the places you visit through an informed understanding of their cultures. It may also involve immersing yourself in another society to visit a country as a guest in order to learn more about its people and their way of life. Cultural tourism allows you to learn more about history, art, architecture, and a culture’s daily life through interaction with the people who live there. Tourists can gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures by observing their customs and traditions, visiting museums, and exploring monuments and historical places. Cultural tourism can often be a part of leisure tourism with different family members each seeking different experiences from a destination. 

The 4 Types of Tourism: Medical or Spa Tourism

Medical or spa tourism occurs when people travel to a particular place for medical treatment, therapy, and/or aesthetic services. This is a fast-growing part of the tourism mix. This type of tourism may be an option for those who need special medical attention that’s not available in their home country. Some people may also travel to a particular destination in order to receive aesthetic treatments, such as plastic surgery, dental work, acupuncture, and natural healing. Often this type of tourism is related to price differences between medical treatment at the traveller’s home and destination. 


Tourism is an industry with a wide scope, and these four main types of tourism are just a small portion of what it can offer. While most people associate tourism with pleasure, there are many types of tourists as well. The important thing to remember is that if you are in the tourism industry, you need to know which type of tourist you are. 

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