On behalf of all our clients that require the service, Gulf Reps Ltd. organise a variety of different travel trade training seminars in order to ensure trade awareness and knowledge of our clients products. Training programs vary from in house presentations to a group of staff of one specific agency, to training seminars with agents from a number of agencies in any given city. 
In the past Gulf Reps Ltd. have organised training seminars in all key cities in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha and Kuwait City), and always ensure a minimum of 50 attendees in each city.
Seminars follow a similar format across the board, and focus on training front line and middle management staff in key agencies in each city, those responsible for actually selling the product.
Gulf Reps Ltd. also ensure an airline partner in all seminars, ensuring promotion of not only the destination, but also access from the region, providing full package options for agents in attendance.
For clients with limited funds, in-house training offers a free option and more targeted and dedicated platform to promote the clients product or destination.